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It’s sad to see that I’m only managing to blog on these once-a-month Indie Life occasions, but with a rambunctious seven-year old boy, an early terrible two-er, and another baby on the way, I find that I only get to write in small little spurts throughout the day. I don’t know why I keep thinking that I’ll get to write so much during the summer. Now if I was a big name, traditionally published author I could hire people to take care of my little ones so that I could finish my last book asap, but alas, this is the plight of many indie writers struggling to finish books along with another job.

So these are the stolen moments I try to grab throughout the day in order to make slow (but steady) head-way on my final book in the series:

I wake up with my laptop right beside my bed. I try to get a good fifteen minutes in before anyone is aware that I’m awake. It’s enough time to check all my accounts and answer any important emails.

I keep my laptop nearby for those rare moments the kids settle down and watch something on the TV. I try to jump right back in where I left off the night before. Even if I add only a paragraph I feel it’s progress.

When I’m driving around, taking the kids to programs, I always have my iPhone with me to jot down notes. This is a great time for brainstorming and thinking little details through. Some of my best thoughts come through in these busy moments.

When my one-and-a-half year old naps, I try to get my seven-year old occupied with a craft or book so that I can get at least an hour of writing in. Some days are more productive than others 🙂

During doctor’s appointments (and there have been a lot of them lately!), I bring my research books along with me. I always have a pen handy to write notes directly in the margins.

Unfortunately, with the late night fireworks recently, my kids’ sleep schedule has been thrown out of whack and they’ve been going to bed near the time I collapse. I’ve been trying to move it slowly back every night since that is another time I can get a good hour of writing in (if I turn the TV off that is).

The weekends can be even more chaotic since we try to get out to enjoy the east coast summer. I feel guilty staying inside while my kids are being kids. I may take a half-hour here and there, but I try to stay focused on my family.

So this is why my books take some time. Not only do I spend a lot of time researching and plotting out the whole storyline, but with only an hour here and an hour there, it’s a wonder I even get books finished at all!

The new baby will be due in the early fall and I know that even these hours will be reduced to fifteen minutes here and there, but every paragraph that’s written is progress and it will get done if I keep working on it. Of course I wish I could magically stop time to write to my heart’s content, but this is the reality of the part-time/sometimes/not-enough-time writer.

What about you? Where do you steal some time to write?

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