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I’ll admit it, I stalk all my review sites. I can’t resist reading what readers are saying about my books. I do searches of my books every once in a while to read kind bloggers who discuss my books. Of course I fly high with favorable reviews and try to absorb any criticism as best as I can. I get such a thrill when I see that I have a new review and hold my breath as I read it. I especially like seeing which lines from my books get highlighted on Amazon. I have to say I enjoy this part of being a writer more than my sales reports. I didn’t write to make money, I wrote because I was inspired and it’s amazing to me when others have enjoyed the little world I created in my head. I don’t know if traditionally published authors follow their feedback as closely as indie authors do, but I would guess that reviews and ratings mean more to indies always in search of validation and reassurance.

There are so many things you can say to a writer that can bring tears to their eyes and make them feel like it’s all been worth while. Yet the one that fills me with so much pride is the compliment that they would read anything I write in the future.

That says to me that they didn’t just enjoy the characters, the plot, or the subject, but that they enjoyed my storytelling and style. This gives me so much confidence since sometimes I worry that I might not create such loveable characters in the next novel after my series or the subject just captivated people and if I switch to a different genre they won’t follow me. The one thing that will most likely remain constant is my storytelling style and, if they said they enjoyed that, then chances are they’ll enjoy the next book.

Thank you to those readers who have said that. It fills me with so much reassurance that I’m doing what I should be doing.

If you’re an author, what compliments have meant the most to you? If you’re a reader, what’s the best compliment that you’ve ever left a writer?

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