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I love these Lucky Seven Challenges! Not only do I get to share a little of Infinite Loss with you, (another perk being self-published), but I get to perfect seven lines of my book before revisions! Nothing polishes a few sentences up like releasing them for everyone to see. I’ve done a Lucky Seven before with this same work-in-progress, but it specified page 77, so it’s all good!

Thank you to Delia, from Postcards From Asia, for nominating me 🙂 The rules are: you must go to the 7th page of your current work-in-progress, go down 7 lines, and post the following seven lines. The following is from the first draft of my third novel in the series, Infinite Loss.

Frantic yelps erupt within the camp and Father springs, yelping from our teepee. Mother grabs for my little brother in the papoose and takes me by the hand to flee with the other women and children. Everyone runs and screams—all except for Apawi, who lies down on his buffalo blanket in the center of camp for us all to see and sleeps soundly. In the light of the full moon, the men grab their lances and bows, jump on their ponies, and hurry to make the formation to protect the camp—the formation of wild geese. Father whoops and leads the group, taking the very top of the line. They all stand their horses still as the thundering sound comes closer and closer, shaking every living thing awake and running for cover. Dark shapes charge toward us, with a cloud of dust reaching high into the air above them.

Well, that’s all I’ve got to share with you for now. I would love to see what everyone is up to—so to all of my followers, consider yourself tagged! Put a link to your Lucky Seven Post below so we can all take a look!

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I just wanted to share with you all an article about an amazing woman.

I’ve been following her journey for a while now and I can’t believe how much chutzpah she has. First of all, she has set her sights on what some say is an impossible feat: swimming from Cuba to Florida without a shark cage, through dangerous box jellyfish, terrible storms, and cold nights. Yet, Diana Nyad has attempted this three times before and failed. She just ended her recent quest when many thought she might actually reach the Florida’s sandy shore. Her sunburn, strained bicep muscle, and jellyfish stings ended her attempt. The most amazing thing of all—she’s sixty-three on Wednesday!

I could care less if she ever made it to Florida. I love watching her keep going—each time getting closer and closer. She never lets the failure stop her from trying…one…more…time.

She doesn’t let sharks, jellyfish, limits of the human body, or age deter her.

Diana, you are an inspiration and your drive and passion are much more impressive than your goal. You Go Girl! Never stop challenging yourself.

I think of Diana and I say to myself, this is why I self-published, this is why I keep writing, and this is why I don’t put any limits on myself.

Don’t let the voices of rejection, gradual sales, or other’s incredible successes infect your determination. Yeah, you might never reach your goal of topping the best seller list, being traditionally published, or granting movie options, but NEVER give up on yourself. Never stop pushing your limits.

I’m sure Diana’s journey has made her life that much more exciting. Give yourself something to strive for.

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After I finished writing my first novel, I stared at the pages, not knowing what revising entailed.

It’s perfect I thought. Exactly the way I wanted it.

But then I started to research the process of revising and it dawned on me that I had to completely slash away and polish every sentence, analyze every word, make sure every punctuation was just as I wanted it before querying.

I found some fantastic books and websites, but none helped me more than Caro Clarke’s in-depth advice.

If she taught a class, I’d take it. The way she explains everything and the topics she thought to include, astounds me. I read each and every one of her writing articles and if you have a little time I would check them out. How could you not, with unique article titles such as:

Just to name a few.

Caro truly knows her stuff and I promise you that you will come away a better writer after you have read through them all. I took her advice so seriously that I felt the need to thank her in my first novel. Best of all, the advice is free!

(Although it would be nice to purchase her novel in thanks if you find her advice as helpful as I do).

Just writing this blog has made me realize I should reread all these articles again before I revise the next book in my series. I’m sure I’m in need of a refresher course.

Thank you, Caro, for taking the time to write these extremely helpful articles and for sharing them so graciously.

Have any of Caro’s tips helped you? Whose writing advice has made the biggest impact on your writing?

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