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I’m Not Dead

Yet haha. I wish I could tell everyone here about the blackhole I fell in since writing that optimistic Goals of 2020 post (a girl can dream, can’t she?).

Without specifics, I’ve had three years that will help me write about the TRIBULATION we experience on this earthly plane. I’m still going through a lot, all while running around after five crazy/amazing kids. But when my readers actually start questioning if something horrible happened to me…yeah that was time to update everyone.

(Aheem, I had to actually look up how I posted on my blog it’s been so long.)

I wanted to let everyone know I released my third audio book, INFINITE LOSS:

Click below to listen to the free audio sample:


I LOVE how the narrator, Jessica, does all the amazing accents and sings!!! Even if you’ve read the books, I promise listening to her read them is even better!

Also, after much thought, and after consulting with my wise adviser (my sister), the evolution of this series is changing to a SIX book series. The fifth book is emerging as a whole book of it’s own. It will have a new title and a new cover that I will give a sneak peek a little later.

Book six will be the final book of the series, INFINITE SALVATION. I have great plans for it.

In a few months I will be traveling to get to know the interesting location where book five will take place. How EXCITING!!!

Now just all send good vibes that my kids will stop fighting with each other so Mama can write 🙏🏻

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