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Shiny Ball Syndrome

The Millionaire Matchmaker made up this term to describe what happens when someone should be focusing on one thing but get easily distracted by something shinier and new. Well, I should be finalizing my launch list. I should be working through those edits of the sequel. Heck, I should be sleeping at 2 AM after feeding my daughter, but instead I’m thinking about a new book!

Boy when it hits, it comes out of nowhere. Suddenly one little thought snowballs into a full-fleshed outline and it’s 6 am. Is this inspiration? Procrastination? Sleep deprivation?

Well, whatever it was I couldn’t stop it. I actually had to get out of bed and open my laptop to jot all the details down.

When I woke up I wondered if upon opening up my notes if I they would read like some crazy dream that made sense when you were dreaming it but once you explained it to someone you realized it was nonsense. Thankfully, I still liked my idea in the morning so it wasn’t a total loss. I even began drooling at the thought of writing again.


Not polishing, not editing, not rewriting, but writing!

I stopped myself as soon as I opened up a shiny new word document and typed in my title. (I even thought of a title!)

Can you take a break with two books in the series finished and third 2/3’s done and write a whole new novel? Would my readers be angry to have the series delayed? Might I lose momentum or characters if I took this break? Or might I get refreshed by starting something new? Tell my your thoughts or experience with this.

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