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The fantabulous (and incredibly beautiful) Sara Flower, has been so kind to award me The Beautiful Blogger Award! It couldn’t have come at a better time since I was just trying to pick a nice weekly blogging topic. Thanks so much, Sara!

Without further ado, the rules are:

The Beautiful Blogger Award is for those blogs that are creative, original and add to the blogging community. You’re supposed to bestow it on seven people and here’s the “rules:” I say, no worries if you’re a rule-breaker, then just put the award on your blog.

Link to the creative, beautiful genius that bestowed it upon you. (see above) List seven random things about yourself. (see below) Send said award to seven (or how ever many you want) other creative, beautiful geniuses. (see below after the random things). Tell those lucky people that you’ve done this and give em’ the rules.

First, here are 7 random things about me:

1. I would love to travel more but I hate to fly.

2. I can’t wait to get some chickens and ducks (although, apparently my husband can!)

3. I almost exclusively wear yoga clothes and I’ve never taken a yoga class 🙂

4. I sometimes sleep with a light on to ward away a pesky ghost (it works!)

5. Great White sharks scare the bejesus out of me

6. I’m addicted to buying architectural salvage

7. I must be word-verification disabled (it usually takes me five or six times to ‘solve’ them!)

Here Are My 7 amazingly Beautiful Bloggers:



The Blank Page

Tina DC Hayes

Shea MacLeod



Please checkout these inspiring and informative blogs. Each one offers something unique and whenever I see a new post from these beauties I read them immediately.

Thanks again, Sara!

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