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A heartfelt thank you to, Diane, for these stellar awards. Diane has one of the most honest and humorous blogs out there. Check her out. Now. I’ll wait.

I never get tired of adding these cute little badges on my side blog and passing them on.

Okay, so you all know how this works, I divulge seven more truths about me or accept the dare…haha:

1) I once had twenty cats at one time (in my defense I lived on a farm and rescued them all from death row). I’ve decreased my cat hoarding tendency down to two now, but most likely will go back to my cat-habit once my kids are grown.

2) I once took out kayaks with my little sister on a vacation and we didn’t realize until we turned to go back into the harbor that the current was super strong. Instead of choosing to be stranded on one of the goat-inhabited sand bars, we clung on to a huge cruise ship that we drifted out to. I sent my little sister up to get help as I held onto the ship and both kayaks like the hulk. We found out later it was one of the most expensive cruise ships in the world. We gave all the old rich folks a thrill for the day; a pathetic rescue at sea.

3) Ruth Chew was my favorite author when I was little. She has some of the best supernatural ideas ever. Buy them to read with your kids!

4) I once had a pet snapping turtle named Spike.

5) I’m mostly of Irish heritage, which does not explain why I look Spanish/Hawaiian/Native American (someone’s got some explaining to do!)

6) When I was young I didn’t wear any shoes all summer—hmmm…explains hobbit feet now.

7) I’m unable to listen to AM radio, the frequency is like nails on a chalkboard to me.

Now to pass on the award love to some truly deserving blogging sistas:

1) Saraflower

2) Ink-Splattered

3) Yesenia Vargas

4) Writerlious

5) Riedel Fascination

6) Morgan Shamy

7) Kathy S. Collier-Mehl

With that, I’m off to notify you all. Can’t wait to learn more about you 🙂

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