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Merry Christmas!

But..wait…we haven’t even had Halloween here in Connecticut.

Hurricane Sandy has wreaked havoc on all the trees, power lines, and coast so much that they postponed Halloween—the second time in a row here!  Guess which day they chose to celebrate it?


Just when a nor’easter has decided to snow-torture all of us who have been without power and standing in hour-long gas lines for the past NINE days!

Wait. The lights just flickered off and on.

I can’t go another week of not being able to check my sales and email!

Anyway, I kept my Halloween decorations up in order to help get into the delayed-Halloween spirit, but now this is just looking pathetic. Gore and snow do not compliment each other. The town has canceled Halloween yet again and I hope this cold spell moves out so that my kids can get a night out in their much-anticipated costumes without having to cover them in  snow suits.

Oh well, I should just count my blessings that my house and family are safe and power is up and humming. Halloween will come again next year…

Or will it?

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