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I never get tired of being nominated for these awards. I love the colorful badges and nominating more fantastic bloggers that I follow.

Thank you so much, Writerlious, for the nomination. Erin truly has a versatile blog. She fluctuates between writing tips, agent spotlights, fun personal posts, and even flash fiction challenges! Be sure to check her out (plus, she gives away blog nominations daily if you’re looking for one…haha).

You know the drill. Here are the rules:

1.) Thank the person who nominated you. (^)

2.) Share seven things about yourself:

* I am NOT a morning person. I’m more like a reptile that crawls out and needs to warm up a bit before moving.

* I can read palms 🙂

*My first celebrity crush was on the fox from the Disney Robin Hood movie (I know…disturbing…but he is pretty cute).

* I went to the library everyday at our summer vacation house and read every book in the children’s library. (I should probably note that I was a child when I did this or it sounds pathetic.)

* I was a tomboy when I was little. Actually, I’m still slightly tomboyish.

* I was a vegetarian during college and gained 15 pounds since I ate mostly Paul Newman’s chocolate bars and organic chips. (I can’t make this one sound better…it’s definitely pathetic)

* I love using children’s parties as an excuse for dressing up in embarrassing costumes.

3.) Nominate Seven Other Versatile Bloggers (My favorite part!):

*Laura Stanfill

*Diane Carlisle

*Steve Vernon (Not the manly award you wanted, but hopefully I won’t get nominated for that:))

*Yesenia Vargas

*J. L. Mbewe


*RC Gale (a brand new follower—yay!—and I checked out his blog and it’s ah-mazing!)

I’ll be checking in to see who everyone nominates. I find the best blogs through these awards!

Thanks again, Erin!

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